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_Oria_ Char Meme by LaFoxtriel _Oria_ Char Meme by LaFoxtriel

Meme of characters from Oria book series (1&2) written by Andrey Valentinov.

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I was reading these 2 books slowly, little by little, and it became as ongoing anime for me. I mean my thoughts returned to the books and characters quite often. Characters’ names and names of places stacked into my mind. I liked the plot but what I enjoyed the most were characters and I didn’t notice how got attached to them. (I adore them so much (≧▽≦) ). So when the time to say goodbye came I understood that I was ready to leave apart with book but not with the characters.

Oria book series is a slavonic fantasy (imho). Someone might think that it is stupid to draw book characters like they are typical anime characters. But being an anime fan I used to see almost everything under anime point of view. Anyway there are no official appearance of those characters (=no reference) as far I know. I drew this meme with respect and admiration to the characters personalities, which me as a reader saw and in the way I can manage... with almost random hairstyle and clothes.

Couple words about characters (from left to right)

Key Voichemir aka Voicha “Zaicha” (Bunny)

He is a simple young man who used to fight a lot and to deliberate a little. Voicha is a strong and skilled warrior (his shoulders must be much more broad), but he is very naive in politics. He is cheerful and kind to other people. He is a height morale person. Hi is an elder cousin to K.Ulad and K.Svarog.

 Urs “Uzhik” ( little Natrix = Natric-chan )

He is a mysterious sorceress, so called rachman, who used to keep silence a lot and keep his thoughts in secret. I really like how he treats Voicha (≧▽≦).

Key “Red Wolf ”Svarog 

He is my the most favorite character♥ No matter he did unpleasant things and allowed his army to do cruel and disgusting things I respect him a lot. He is a ruler. He acts in the way he ought to. And in the same time he is a human so he does mistakes all humans might do. He is a loving and carrying brother, a cheating husband, a wise politician and commander. He is a true commander imho.  

p.s. He is a human. I drew him and boy near him with wolf ears only because their' nicknames.

Key “Litlle Red Wolf” Ulad

Ulad is Svarog’s little brother. He is a shy young men who stutters being nervous. Unfortunately he got spoiled by war and became violent.

(Keyna) Velga

She is the leader of rebellions who started to fight against Key’s dominion. She had to pass through awful experience during the war and especially traumatic and terrible one after the got captured by K. Ulad. Her hair became white but her personality stayed as strong as river Volga. She is noble, sublime, honest, severe  and very brave!


One of rebellions girls who got captured by Key’s army but the only one who wasn’t sold or killed. She became Ulad’s concubine. She decided to live because she believed in her fiance who promised to come and rescue her.

Actually her fiance named Navko is more interesting character than Alana imho. Unfortunately I can’t draw neither him nor Svarog’s wife (Cheledy) & lover (Porada), who are also have interesting personalities.  

If you like fantasy novels and know Russian language enough to read I would like to recommend this book series (^ν^)〜☆
Автор: Андрей Валентинов
Серия: Ория

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