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It is your chance!

Journal Entry: Wed May 28, 2014, 6:06 PM

Sorry for beeing lost for few months but now I have smth for you .
 I'm glad to inform that my very good friend Himura-mechniza has opened cash comissions!
Visit her page | gallery | announcement to know more!
Also don't foget to check her Béhance page & WIX page

Chatora dancing

Is it an art thief or what?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 10:50 PM

Ok. First of all I want to tell you about the most awesome tool - SauseNAO ~♥.
It includes Google, Tineye ond others searches but the most awesome thing about it that it can find art on pixiv, drawr, tegaki and other Japanese sites!
It allows you to search images not only through the url but by submitting from your computer as well.
I decided to use this extension for finding my drawings. It worked perfectly as always. I was flattered that some arts I drew was reposted on several  sites and I don't care there were not credits. Some people gave credits and included the source in description and it made so happy!
But then I saw this

There are lots of such themes with different art on so I asked why there is no any credits to the artists.
I'm not good with FB and don't know that site system but when I go to chek for any replies there wasn't my comment any more. I'm pretty sure I posted because it has a copy on my FB page.


And I do not want to believe that this is the answer because it would be sad and disrespectfully not only to me but for all artist who's art was used.

I'm not mad I'm just sad  and amused. As I said there are lot's of art being used without any credits on this site.

Commisshes rules

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 18, 2013, 6:20 PM
Ok, first of all  I did almost all commissions (year later) - unbelievable! that so many people wanted me to draw their characters for them :D I've been enjoying a lot and grateful for such opportunity :D
Anyway I still ought (must) to draw some art for my very busom friend and 'll try my best ^____^

But looking forward I'm gonna submit  some old graffiti from and tomorrow. It is low quality (aka warning lol)
Then... I don't plan to draw smth now, digital especially... It would be  nice if I could redraw some old sketches (I have so many ugly and unfinished scraps x_x) and then burn old and needles ones!:firelite-photo: I'm really sorry that I've fucked up so many paper :ashamed: After couple years I'll have the same thoughts i suppose lol

Ok, I just warn you that there will not be to much interesting art for you .__. Only old vs new traditional scraps (like meme) and digital graffiti
But who knows what can happen :D it is only my thoughts now
  • Reading: Vicious Circle (Felix Castor, #2) by Mike Carey
Oh, people, i'm not used to write  notes, but now i wanna shout all over the world how great one person is! :iconleiriope: isn't only the kindest and attentive person i'll ever met she is really incredible! She always has warm word for you to cheer up. She is really incredible! Did i already said this? And now she decided to gift me the PM!! omg it is when i .. when i do nothing :tears:
i'm so happy i met her!
THANK YOU MY DARLING !!:iconleiriope:
this message is on behalf of ~LaFoxtriel

извиняюсь, что ушла по-английски - для самой неожиданность. Сейчас нет возможности выполнять ваши комиссии, но как только появится буду стараться изо всех сил + предоплаченные верну :points: потому что раскаиваюсь за задержку и неоправдание ожиданий. К сожалению сейчас не могу ни кому ответить, но спасибо вам за комментарии, фавы, вотчи и лламы (да, я самонадеянная ^^ очень ценю ваше внимание ~:rose: :iconawwwplz: скучаю по вам :hug: :tighthug: :glomp:

sorry, that I took a French leave  - for the most unexpected. There is no possibility to carry out your commission, but as soon as I will try my best + prepaid will return: points: repent because of the delay and unjustified expectations. Unfortunately now I can not answer or anyone, but thank you for your comments, favy, Watch and llamy (yes, I'm arrogant ^ ^ really appreciate your attention ~: rose:: iconawwwplz: I miss you: hug:: tighthug:: glomp:

used Google translate / my apologies for poor English & grammar
:star-half::star-empty: - sketch is done
:star::star-empty:  - outline is done
:star::star-half: - 1 character (or half of all if there is more then 2 of them) with bg are done or characters without bg are done
there is no 2☆ because when i finish i immediately send you a note :D

25 - accepted, 24 - done
all done commissions  you can check in this folder


☆Gavin/Ruby for :iconpirate-at-heart:
:iconpirate-at-heart: if you are alive, have another acc on DA and still want this commission please note me.

ps.  be patient please i'll do your orders for sure^^ :icononihauntyou:
ps2 if smb knows the pplz avatar aka snail gimme the link plz loool
Hello every body who look through this page. I have a favor to ask you and believe that some day one of you could help me.
I'm searching for one AMV. It is Pico x Coco x Chiko AMV with Dj Melodie's song Beautiful Day as music.
Maybe you have this AMV saved on your pc?

:iconcomebackplz: ONIGAI SHIMAS!!! :iconawwwplz:
Usefull pages… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:icononicheer: - :iconpervplz: - :iconsayhiplz: - :iconranranruuplz: - :iconvoodooplz: - :iconadorableplz: - :iconhappyhappyplz: - :icongivingupplz: - :icononionbunnyplz: - :iconcrycryplz: - :iconyesvictoryplz: - :iconplanningplz: - :icongreatjobplz: - :icononionpanicplz: - :iconwhistleplz: - :iconwatchitplz: - :iconchocoloveplz: - :icononigaspplz: - :iconimdeadplz:  - :iconawwwplz: - :icononionwoeplz: - :iconmiseryplz: - :icononionxdplz: - :iconpetrifiedplz: - :iconcomeatmeplz: - :iconruncryplz: -  :iconboredomplz: - :iconcomebackplz: - :iconitsfreezingplz: - :iconherotimeplz: - :iconcomeoverhereplz: - :iconbaibaiplz: - :iconhappyblueplz: - :iconheavenly7: - :iconrudeboyskunkplz3: - :iconcupid: - :iconotlplz: - :iconkamhappyshadesplz: -  :iconiz-rossii:
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:iconaawplz: - :iconlovbunplz:


:iconfurryhugplz: :iconfurryglompplz: :iconfurryhighfiveplz: :iconfurrycuddleplz: :iconfurrynuzzleplz: :iconfurrydanceplz: :iconfurrycuddle3plz: :icon:

Clubs that i wanna find!
-about Tres Iques and Esther Blanshet from anime Trinity Blood
-about Roronoa Zoro and Nami from anime One Piece
-about Hatake Kakashi and Haruno Sakura
-about Zero Kriu from anime Vampire Knight
-about djramas: YouCan Club, Hanazarikari no Kimitachi E,
-about actors: Rayan Reynolds, Tom Felton, Nicholas Tse, Ikuta Toma, Hugh Grant
-about Lamento game
-about animes: World Destruction, Shounen Onmiouji, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Bleach, Busou Renkin, Ouran Host Club, trinity Blood, Inuyasha, Ghost Hunt

Clubs i've already found (but not in yet)

:iconespada-club: :iconbleach-lovers: :iconbleach-yaoi-club: :iconbleachyuriclub: :icongrimmhimexichihimefc: :icongrimmjow-fc: :iconichimaru-lovers: :iconginrangikufc: :iconmatsumoto-club: :iconmomo-haters-unite: :iconnova-club: :iconorihime-fanclub: :iconukitake-fc: :iconulquiorrafc: :iconzarakikenpachi-fc:
Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi)
Darker than Black
:iconclubhellsing: :iconhellsingfanclub:
:iconsesskag: :iconsesshomarufanclub: :iconshiclub:
Karin (ChibiVampire)
:iconchibikarinclub: :iconchibivampire-fc:
:iconkakaxsaku-club: :iconsasodeifc: :iconnarutoyaoiyurifc: :iconkakasaku-loveydovey: :iconkibaakamarufanclub: :iconkiba-hinata-fc: :iconkiba-klub:
One Piece
:iconloveofzona: :icongreentangarine: :iconroronoazoro-club: :iconzosan-club: :icononepiecefan: :iconportgas-d-ace: :iconrobluccifanatics: :icononepiececouples: :iconacexsanji-fanclub:
Sailor Moon
:iconsailorfanclub: :iconsailor-moon-club: :iconsailormoonforever:
Samurai Deeper Kyo
:iconkawaiisaiyuki: :iconthe-undying-shindara:
Soul Eater                               
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
:iconcytoviral: :iconviral-fans:
Trinity Blood
:iconxxtrinitybloodclubxx: :icontrinity-blood-fc: :iconabel-x-esther-club:
Vampire Knight
:iconvampire-knight-fans: :iconvampire-knight-fc:
Итак, вчера всётаки дошла до повторного просмотра сей замечательной анимешки, кою смотрела ещё в школе, почти вчера в общем xddd
Серия 1.
1. ну и изображение... после сочно-ярких цветов да четкости изображений нынешних анимок было довольно непривычно, но только то время, пока я думала эту мысль:D

2. почти сразу поняла, что помню только 5% как от этой серии так и от всего аниме

3. как и при 1ом просмотре мне захотелось чтоб эта официантка была гг - симпотичная такая:D

4. ладно сразу показать что Отец Найтроад не так прост каким кажется на 1ый взгляд :pray: / :furious: но в 1ой же серии раскрывать его...мда, где интрига?;p

5. Сестра Кейт, еслиб мне не привили пейринг Трес/Эстер я именно её б к нему и приставила :date:
ps хоть и смотрела когда-то, но всё равно так и не врубилась кто она, смутные воспоминания связанные с чаем и всё(((

6. бедного мальца вспомнила сразу:Dбедняяга....:worry: Катерину конечно тоже сразу признала:D,  а вот что привлекательный воинственно-настроенный мужчинка с холодными глазами её братец вспомнила только после того, как мне пришла очередная мысль "Хорошая пара!:date: Отлично, они для меня будут вместе!:D" => инцест :eyepopping: :stupidme:  но идея-то не выбивается(( :shakefist: :doh:

7. Трееес♥ какой взгляд! какие губы! и как я только не впечатлилась им при первом просмотре?
но стоило ему открыть рот :bleh: бээ мне жутко не нра русский сейю что его озвучивал :crash: